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Mr Russel Lewis

Public Sector Administration and Management expert at Australian Civilian Corps, Australia


Russell Lewis is the Managing Director of Rusden Management Services, a privately owned company providing a range of management, planning, training and capacity building services to business, government and not for profit organizations. He is a Public Administration and Management expert with the Australian Civilian Corps and is a mentor with the University of Southern Queensland. In a world of increasing specialization, Russell is a generalist and has worked in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Laos, China and Papua New Guinea. He is passionate about improving the lives of others through effective sustainable capacity building. “My job is to do myself out of a job!”



Kaj Embrén
Strategy Advisor and Coach in Sustainability and Leadership


Kaj Embrén has been involved in issues regarding Sustainable Development in more than 30 years. His experience and competence is well recognised in governments and businesses. He has a background in the Co-operative Movement and have been leading the International Co-operative Green Campaign at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992. Kaj was also involved in the start up of the Swedish Foundation – The Natural Step together with Karl-Henrik Robert and Per-Uno Alm. He and Per-Uno Alm established the values based company Respect together with the founder of the Body Shop, Gordon and Anita Roddick in year 2000. Kaj Embrén have been living in London in 10 year but is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Kaj Embrén was involved in the start up of the Climate Group in 2003.

www.kajembren.com, kajembren.blogactiv.eu

Dr. Ludwing Streff
Head of Department > Waste Management – International


Professional experience in waste management for 21 years:
Project management, supervision and coordination of complex projects, waste management planning and implementation, project development, education and practical training, preparation/evaluation of masterplan and feasibility studies in waste management, application preparation (financed/funded by EU and Worldbank), tender preparation, contract management (FIDIC standards), institutional and legal consulting services, environmental impact assessment, project implementation in waste collection/transport systems, recycling, biological waste treatment (composting and biogasification) – design, dimensioning, system assessment and optimization, waste to energy – RDF provision, recovery, incineration, land filling and recultivation, treatment and disposal of waste, planning and design of waste treatment plants (MBT), general waste management for senior and public staff, engineers and executives. Experience in managing team of expatriates & local technical specialists as well as capacity building experience. Good knowledge of EU Directives within the waste management field.


Rosato, Mario Alejandro
Founder and Partner of Sustainable Technologies S.L.


Professor of Small Wind Turbines, Biomass, Biogas, Energy saving in the industry and Biofuels at the University of Pordenone, Aghape Alta formazione , Agroenergia, University of L’Aquila and other private institutes.
Consultant to the EC on bamboo for the construction of wind turbine blades and materials for the development of thermoacoustic motors.

Author of the book “Diseño de máquinas eólicas de pequeña potencia”. Editorial Progensa, Spain 1992.

Winner of 9 international awards (John Hogg Prize 2002 , Green Vision Award 2011, The Economist, Rockefeller Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund , the American Association of Consumer Electronics, and others from Innocentive), the CSR “company with a heart” award and the Green Apple Award in 2013. Ranked 4th in the worldwide top ten list of problem solvers of innocentive.com



Prof. Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Head of iEnergy Center, Professor – Biofuels at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology


Dr. Jens Ejbye Schmidt is professor in Biofuels (Chemical Engineering program) at Masdar Institute. Prior to his appointment at Masdar Institute, Dr. Schmidt was Head of the Bioenergy & Biorefinery Program at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Dr. Schmidt was from 2000 to 2007 Head of the Wastewater Group, and Associate Professor at the Departmt of Environment & Resources DTU.

He was Associate Professor in the Anaerobic Microbiology/Biotechnology Research Group, Department of Biotechnology/Department of Applied Chemistry, DTU from 1998 – 2000 and was acting head of the group during part of the period also.


Mr. Jeremy Sandbrook

International Integrity and Anti-Corruption Expert


Jeremy Sandbrook is the founder and Chief Executive of Integritas360, a global social enterprise committed to advancing integrity and raising ethical practices in global development. A recognised thought-leader in the field of integrity and corruption prevention, Jeremy specialises in designing and implementing bespoke solutions to address challenges in the inter-related areas of anti-corruption, integrity, governance, and accountability. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Jeremy has lived and worked across Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He is also a Senate member of the Corruption Prevention Network (Australia), a member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (USA), and lectures on corruption prevention at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education.

For more see: http://integritas360.org/

Dan Hoornweg

Professor and Research Chair, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Associate Professor and Jeffrey Boyce Research Chair in Faculty of Energy Systems. Research energy policy and natural gas, urban development, engineering applications and systems analysis.


Founder of Wasteaid, British Columbia, Canada


Simon has extensive experience working on waste management in the development, humanitarian and aid contexts, having worked in Uganda, Philippines, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. He has a passion for connecting the international global waste industry with the development sector and hence this inspired him to found WasteAid. He has a masters in Wastes Management, and is a Chartered Waste Manager and Chartered Environmentalist, he has also been a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, consultant and public servant dealing with policy, research, operations, regulations and other aspects of wastes management. He is also an actor, appearing on screen and stage, he consults in social media marketing, he has a masters degree in theology which he recently completed. His wife and children are managing to put up with him until he grows up. Simon is working as the CEO of WasteAid


Prof. Changwon Kim
kimDept. of Environmental Engineering

Pusan National University
Congress President and Board Member at International Water Association and a Professor with vast experience and Research Interest in Wastewater treatment on biological nutrient removal, modeling, diagnosis and process control.Sustainable energy production based on microbial fuel cell.


Patrick G. Home PhD
Associate Professor,Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering,
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


General Interests: Development of innovative water-saving irrigation technologies; Land use and land cover changes and their impact on land and water resources management; Sanitation and water supply in the rural communities; Management of land and water resources in the arid and semi arid areas; re-use of wastewater for urban and peri-urban irrigated agriculture; Aquacultural engineering especially development of intensive aquaculture systems; Development of community based small scale pumped and gravity irrigation systems; Rainwater harvesting for domestic, livestock and crop production use.

Responsibilities: Former Chairman, Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA); Reviewer, Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology (JAGST).
Professional societies:; Soil Science Society of East Africa; Institution of Engineers of Kenya; Kenya Society of Agricultural Engineers; Kenya Rain Water Harvesting Association;Kenya Irrigation and Drainage Association (KIDA)
Research interests: Application of RS and GIS in detecting and mapping land use changes and land use planning; Development of appropriate irrigation innovations and technologies; Waste Water Engineering and pollution control/ waste water reuse; Optimization of rainwater water harvesting structures; Aquacultural Engineering and Technology; Water harvesting; Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Prof Home has published widely.



Mr. Alfred Holzschuster
Finance & Member Service Manager bei ISWA International Solid Waste Association

Microsoft Word - general secretariat - change of staff xp

Mr Holzschuster, another experienced waste management expert, joined the General Secretariat in July.

Professional Background
Waste Management: fifteen years
Finance Management: seven years
IT: nine years


Prof. Hans Bjork
Director of Waste Recovey and Senior Lecturer at University of Borås


At this moment my main work is related to open innovation and to create international networks leading to a Sustainable Waste Management in Zero Waste Cities with an increased amout of academic collaboration and new business opportunities


Prof. Pablo Martinez Lestard

pablo-martinezInternational Environmental and Solid Waste Management Specialist/Consultant

Dr. Patrick Hollebosch

patrck-holleboschResult Based Management officer at DGD, Belgium



Geoff Johnston

Managing Director of OWES
geoffbioGeoff has developed a broad base of knowledge and skills from more than 20 years involvement with the Transport and Logistics, and Waste Management Industries.


Mr. Raj Kumar

Devex President and Chief editor


I am the President of Devex. Thanks for visiting Devex.com – the most popular international development website in the world. My professional experience includes social entrepreneurship, election monitoring & political consulting, and online business.


Prof. Mumo P. Kisau

Vice Chancellor, Scott Christian University

Mumo Kisoi

Prof. Mumo aims to facilitate growth and effective development in peoples Christian walk in the area of Faith and Development. He is Passionate about teaching, research, mentorship and leadership development and Called to create environment for every man and woman to experience their God given potential through their work and as Christians. He is a people person and able to work in multicultural settings and environments Published scholar.


Prof. Ephantus Wanjohi

Professor of Medical Parasitology, Kenyatta University