It is a nonprofit community welfare based, registered in Kenya and focus to all African countries. The Trust has its Board, Bylaws and the Certificate of Incorporation. We are concerned with urban solid waste, wastewater, WASH and Agriculture & Irrigation, chemical & harzadous waste sectors, the effects and remedy for conservation of environment and related issues, particularly improving management with value addition to the sectors by use of advanced technologies currently available.

Our Values

  • Technical excellence
  • Customer focus
  • Partnership
  • Integrity

Our Mission

  • Co-creating a vibrant, exemplary nonprofit community welfare based through collaboration, shared learning, advocacy, and the promotion of innovation and excellence.
  • Protect the environment and build a sustainable future by designing, by manufacturing, sourcing or supplying a wide range of advanced wastewater, solid waste, WASH, agriculture/irrigation products and services which meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, reliability, cost and service.
  • To benefit our employees, partners, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the wider global community in which we operate.


Whether a project requires a packaged plant or a full modular water, wastewater treatment systems other services to other sectors or a one-off product, our Trust will work with specialized partners to ensure that the solutions offered are bespoke, robust, fully compliant and cost-effective; delivering proven value for money. Through our proven technical expertise, our Trust can apply the right process to the right application ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind that the performance will ensure environmental compliance, including security of discharge standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Trust will:

  • Establish and maintain a procedure to identify the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services that it can control and over which it can be expected to have an influence, in order to determine those that have or can have significant impacts on the environment.
  • Ensure that the aspects related to these significant impacts are considered in setting its environmental objectives.
  • Establish and maintain a procedure to identify, and have access to, legal and other requirements to which the Trust subscribes, that are applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services.

Our Objectives

  • We are looking for partnerships to be able to facilitate the following services: Water, Sanitation, Commercialization of wastes, Renewable energy production, Health, Climate change, Industry, Facility developments, Education, Employment and Poverty eradication. Interwaste R&D (EA) Trust propose to prioritize activities/initiatives including and not limited to:
    • Promotion of waste resources recovery education in universities in Africa;
    • Facilitation of urban/rural water, sanitation and hygiene initiative in Africa;
    • Facilitation of Climate Change issues, solutions and campaigns in Africa;
    • Facilitation of infrastructure/ facilities developments in Africa;
    • Facilitation of urban waste ( solid, wastewater and WASH (rural/urban)) to energy for sustainable developments for cities/rural areas in Africa;
    • Facilitation of chemical/hazardous waste initiatives in Africa.
    • Facilitation of Agriculture/Irrigation and deforestation, desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) initiatives in Africa.
    • Facilitation of Education and Research & Development activities in areas listed above.

Our Purpose

We are looking for strategic and specialized partners, investors, donors and universities (that have relevant expertise) for partnerships. The partners in partnership will provide funding for training, capacity building and delivery of implementation services to these noble doable initiatives. We propose GWP (Stockholm)/Africa OECD as lead partners (this is optional) for our Africa project. We propose GWP (Stockholm)/Africa OECD as lead partners for our Africa project. And we would appreciate to partner with UNEP (ARO), UNDP, UNIDO, UN Global compact and others for Technical Assistance and effective and efficient International support. We value respect and accountability with willingness to establish Ant-Corruption and fraud systems in our operations.

Our operational divisions offers a wide range of innovative environmental services to commercial and industrial clients across Africa and will have the following divisions:

Logistics Division

The logistics division is responsible for the efficient collection and management of all general solid/hazardous and liquid waste streams and the execution of all types of industrial cleaning operations.

Landfill Division

The landfill division is involved in the construction and daily management/control of all types of landfill facilities for industrial and municipal authorities. It specializes in the remediation and rehabilitation of existing and redundant sites.

Resource Reutilization and Recycling Division

Every Interwaste R&D EA TRUST  Project is executed in terms of the Hierarchy of  waste management and in line with all current legislation aimed at reducing the volumes of waste to landfill. Interwaste R&D EA TRUST will operate innovative recycling initiatives including materials  recovery facilities to extract maximum value from recyclable wastes.

Research and Development Division

Stringent legislation guides interwaste R&D EA TRUST division  to continually find new ways to beneficiate waste streams. The division is involved  in production of landfill gases ,utilization of landfill gases, waste to energy schemes, to produce electricity, the treatment and delisting of hazardous wastes and effluent treatment projects for the benefit of stakeholders.

Promotion of waste resources recovery education in universities; WASH (rural/urban) initiatives; Waste to Energy schemes for sustainable development in cities in Africa; Climate change issues, solutions and campaigns in Africa; reduction of GHG emissions; Infrastructure/facilities, real  estate developments; As we deal with poverty and diseases eradication head on, we equally need to deal with climate change in equal measure in response to challenges posed by it.