ABOUT Interwaste

Interwaste R&D (EA) Trust is a nonprofit registered in Kenya, and focused in Africa and also UNEP/UNCCD accredited and CTCN Network Member etc. Please see www.interwaste-ea.co.ke for more information.

As principal catalyst partner, we are looking for strategic and specialized partners, investors, and technical assistance for implementation services of our initiatives in Africa, through value addition and use of advanced technologies currently available, while inspiring circular economy solutions from around the Globe.

 Our concerns are environmental challenges caused by urban solid waste , wastewater, WASH, agriculture/irrigation, deforestation/ forestation, cities underground infrastructures (water, sewer lines etc ) assessment, and chemical and hazardous wastes sectors in Africa and others like;

  •  Desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD)
  • Integrated water management, Agro-forestry
  • Soil conservation
  • Rangeland management
  • Ecological monitoring and early warning systems
  • New and renewable energy sources and technologies
  • Sustainable agricultural farming systems
  • Climate Change
  • World Circular Economy Innovations/Solutions

 And look forward to planet pollution free. We target waste to energy schemes, urban waste, wastewater engineering, land filling engineering, landfill gas, dump sites rehabilitation; with development of mechanism for reduction of GHG Emissions developing countries; anaerobic digestion and Bioelectrochemical systems, education, research & development and training young men and women in these sectors in Africa.

We need support from countries, companies and experts with environmental success stories and other infrastructure development projects (including real estate) as committed relevant Organizations. We need to establish a partners consortium –working together to accelerate climate action, planning, budgeting for countries in East Africa if not the whole of Africa.

INTERWASTE R&D EA TRUST undertakes activities under umbrella of Urban Environmental Engineering & Management Applications and does:
Provide a quality-assured, secure destruction and brand protection service, for the management of waste, and specifically for the promotion of education/facilities, research/ facilities, and training in the fields applicable to municipal solid waste/waste water and WASH sectors, to promote and add value to solid waste /waste water and WASH management by applying advanced technologies in African Countries ; award bursaries/ scholarships to individuals undertaking relevant courses; and host training nationally and regionally to raise awareness and develop skills; and advise Universities to focus on international standards in their undergraduate/postgraduate teaching and knowledge Delivery for future generation and will also in addition have the following objectives:-

  • To help in capacity building among institutions, training waste engineers and managers on technical , environmental, social and energy issues of solid waste/wastewater and WASH management, eradicate poverty and create employment.
  • To develop educational materials /facilities for solid waste/wastewater and WASH management courses in national universities in Africa.
  • To protect the environment, and the health and safety of people and communities, by preventing or managing the adverse effects of hazardous substances and new organisms’ derived from waste.
  • To minimize potentially acute, long term, or accumulative environmental or human health impacts
  • To provide standard guidelines for the disposal of human and animal health care waste, including generators, waste transporters and waste disposal facilities.
  • To guarantee the safe management of healthcare waste and ensure the protection of community and environmental health to the standards addressing dioxins and other toxics, ambient air quality, and the control of greenhouse gases at landfills.
  • To take full responsibility of all waste from the point of collection, in order to ensure waste is disposed of in a sensitive and appropriate manner And to further provide customers with destruction certificates, ensuring a reliable record of destruction.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding waste management, to government, local and international organizations, bodies and persons engaged in industry and commerce.
  • To train and motivate urban local authorities to be involved and as well leasing landfills/dumpsites for developments and improvements.
  • Advice and assist other organizations, bodies or persons pursuing objects similar or ancillary to the above objects and in particular (but without limitation) to assist such organizations, bodies or persons by way of the gift or loan of money or property or by the provision of services.
  • Strengthen the capacity of community to protect the environment and manage their waste in a healthy way