wisdom“Sustainable Development seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability to meet those of the future”

“Green Growth has become a word for sustainable development advocates. The capital needed to advance green, though high: some estimates suggest that an additional annual investments of at least $50 billion would be needed to adapt to climate change and not less than $900 billion to meet the demand for water, land and energy by 2030. Much of the money will be recouped due to subsequent savings from energy efficiency, suggesting additional benefits of about $3 trillion per year to the global economy due to a healthier population, the creation of jobs, and higher resilience to conflicts and disasters”

Going green-“Sustainable development campaigns these days is the spread of Innovative, resource- efficient technology”

“A global Partnership is for accelerating sustainable development, a global objective requiring International Cooperation. The aid community mainly gets involved in the financing and technical assistance of projects. Private sector has also ramping up effects to preserve the environment and help communities in the areas they work in- UN Global Compact, the world’s largest Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.”

“Let us develop a new generation of sustainable development goals to pick up where the MDGs leave off” Kim-Moon told General Assembly, In 2011. “Let us agree on the means to achieve them”

“ MDGS focus on poverty reduction in the developing world, SDGs concern the global environment- making them even tougher to negotiate”

“Africa will not retreat into isolation:Partnerships with other countries will be inevitable, although we can expect different dynamics. Working with external partners will necessitate a paradigm shift in mindsets.”